Five Key B2B Customer Experience Trends for 2017

Each year when I read an annual Customer Experience report, my wish is that Customer Experience finally makes it into the mainstream. I remember reading the findings from Accenture’s 2015 B2B Customer Experience Report. I was encouraged to read that approximately eight in 10 executives believe delivering a differentiated experience links directly to business results […]

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How Content Marketing and Customer Experience Can Drive Retention

Did you know that by 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator, and Bain & Company says it’s 6 to 7 times more costly to acquire a new customer than it is to retain one? So, if it’s really 6 to 7 times costlier to acquire a new customer […]

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Mechanics of Measurement

Understanding The Mechanics of Measurement

For marketers to be successful, they can’t muddle through with blinders or rose-colored glasses on. They must be informed and know which marketing activities work, and which don’t. That means understanding the mechanics of measurement. Marketing and measurement are like lock and key. You need both to be successful and grow. Unfortunately, some marketers still […]

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Great customer experiences_m4comm

Direction Plus Planning Leads To Great Customer Experiences

I consider myself a student of life. I always want to be in learning-mode so that I can improve and can continuously add value to those I help: clients, potential clients, and colleagues, to name a few. As Carol Dweck notes, in her amazing book, Mindset, that’s the growth mindset—changing, growing, and stretching oneself through […]

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m4comm_win/loss analysis

How To Conduct Win/Loss Analysis To Achieve Strategic Growth (Part II)

In Part I of “How To Conduct Win/Loss Analysis To Achieve Strategic Growth”, I discussed the pre-interview and interview phases of Win/Loss Analysis. The post-interview phase is the most important element of the Win/Loss Analysis process. During this phase, you will gain insights on how to actually improve your processes, and as a result, better […]

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m4comm_win/loss analysis

How To Conduct Win/Loss Analysis To Achieve Strategic Growth (Part I)

I have been involved with Win/Loss Analysis from the product and sales sides since the mid–1990’s and have written about the subject since 2009. To this day, I do not understand why more companies aren’t conducting win/loss interviews, analyzing results and implementing lessons learned. When I speak with companies, many think they know the answers […]

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Why Customer Experience Requires a Mindset Shift

Why Adopting A Customer Experience Mindset Is Key

On October 7, Customer Experience (CX) professionals celebrated #CXDay for the second year in a row. The event, put on by The Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA), is an all day celebration of Customer Experience around the globe. It brings together companies and people that are creating great experiences for customers. Where Does Customer Experience Fit? CX […]

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Content Marketers: Are You the Utility Player of Your Team?

To many people, Labor Day signifies the end of summer. To me, the changing season, such as the weather cooling down or leaves changing color, football and baseball playoffs signify the end of summer. Baseball playoffs start on September 30th this year. In baseball, the “utility” player, by definition, is one who can play many […]

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Why Marketers Must Think Different About Content Gating

There are many opinions about content gating these days. There have been LinkedIn Group discussions about it as well as blog posts debating or trying to visualize it. I recently asked marketers on a LinkedIn Group discussion about content gating. I posed three questions – (1) Are you gating content? (2) What content types do you […]

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Are You Argo-izing Your Content?

I love the excerpted video (below) of Kevin Spacey’s keynote at the 2013 Edinburgh International Television Festival. In it, he discusses the House of Cards genesis as well as how powerful content is. There are some important takeaways. First, Spacey notes that “the audience wants the control” to view the content they want when they […]

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The 3 Types of Metrics You Should Be Focusing On

This month, eMarketer published a post citing results from an April 2014 study conducted by VisionEdge Marketing and ITSMA. eMarketer noted that 85% of marketers worldwide said the pressure to measure marketing’s business value and contribution had increased. eMarketer cited another study in the post, one conducted by ifbyphone in May 2014, which indicated that much of […]

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Have You Been Thinking About Dipping Your Toe in the Content Marketing Water?

You’ve read about the benefits of content marketing. You’ve even read case studies of companies who have achieved amazing success using content marketing in their overall marketing strategy. But, are you convinced content marketing will help your small business? Did you know that Content Marketing is the number #1 strategy used by marketers? It’s not […]

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Is Content Marketing the Missing Link Between Sales and Marketing?

One thing I like about engaging with my social networks is being able to ask questions and get people’s thoughts on issues, problems, and trends. Recently, I asked on Twitter, “Do marketing and sales still have trouble working together?” The answer was particularly telling: “No. They just do it badly.” In many organizations, the challenge […]

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Why It’s All About Customer Experience

I write a lot about customer experience, and that customers are smarter now and are in control of the conversation. I was happy to read a similar opinion from Brett Adamson, co-author of The Challenger Sale, who gave the opening keynote at Content2Conversion Conference last week. A recap of his talk is nicely presented in […]

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Busting Silos

My #1 Wish For Marketers in 2014

With the availability of data for analytics plus an aggressive push for thought-provoking and relevant content to help buyers, there is a dynamic change going on in marketing organizations causing a shift from a traditional marketing engine to a customer one. There are significant strides being made that sales and marketing lines are blurring for […]

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How To Get Great Testimonials

Seven Ways to Get Great Customer Testimonials

I recently asked a marketing director about customer testimonials on his company website. He openly said, “The testimonials aren’t real, I made them up. Everybody else does it, so why can’t we?” My second thought, after “Two wrongs don’t make a right,” was “Aren’t you in the business of building trust? What does that say […]

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10 Predictions on the Changing Role of the CMO

Recently, I read CMSwire.com’s post about IDC’s 2014 predictions for CMO’s with very keen interest. As the digital economy evolves so does the role of the CMO. 10 predictions for the changing role of the CMO were cited. A few of the predictions particularly stood out for me. “By 2020, the marketing function in leading […]

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Is Sales Dead?

I remember when Bill Lee’s post in Harvard Business Review came out in August 2012. There was outrage in the marketing community. Well, how could there not be outrage? The title of his post was “Marketing Is Dead”. He was right – traditional marketing is dead. This is where I diverge. Mr. Lee notes “Traditional […]

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Why Going Viral Should Not Be Your Goal

I read a blog post today by someone stating that going viral was their goal and is the goal of many others. Is going viral really your goal? A lot of entertainment content creators ask me how they can go viral. Their expectation is that they want to publish content today so they can go viral […]

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Managing By Walking Around

Are You Managing By Walking Around?

I remember an old phrase from the 1980’s called “MBWA”, Managing By Walking Around. The premise was that managers needed to get out of their office and walk around the office to check with employees on the status of their work and the status of the company in general. It led me to think about […]

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Nurturing Your Online Community is A Full-Time Job

You did a good thing. You created content that earned you a new member into your online community. So, what’s next? Plenty. You’ve got to keep them once you get them. Nurturing your online community takes many forms and requires a continuous time investment on your part to ensure your community members’ voices are being […]

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Simplicity is not simple. That statement comes off as being trite. But, it’s true. One definition states simplicity is “clarity of expression”. Apple Head of Design, Jonathan Ive, speaks of simplicity as not lack of clutter but rather bringing order and clarity to something. Looking deeper, simplicity for Buddhists focuses on only the essentials and […]

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Commenters Welcome.

Comments are very important. It’s amazing how many bloggers are still on the fence about this. Comments on your blog equal feedback that your audience is giving you. Whether it is positive or negative feedback, embrace it. Why? -You will be perceived as a listener -You will be commended for caring about your business and […]

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On Twitter Chats

There are a lot of Twitter chats out there. While it is great to chat, it is important to, as Pillar 2 of Character Counts! Six Pillars of Character teaches us, respect each other. What follows are some best practices for moderators and participants to keep in mind with Twitter chats. For Moderators 1. Promote […]

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In a sales person’s mind, ABC stands for “Always Be Closing”. We all remember Alec Baldwin’s famous words in Glengarry Glen Ross… We say ABC stands for Always. Be. Curious. Staying curious keeps us present to life, keeps our creative juices flowing, opens us to new opportunities. And, as Steve Jobs notes, his stumbling into […]

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Fueling The Fire

In an earlier post entitled Are You Over-Gating Your Content, we wrote that marketers need to be careful with over-gating content. Gating content is perfectly appropriate within reason. However, you need to have an objective for doing so. Otherwise, you could end up fueling the fire by defeating your purpose and driving potential leads away. […]

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overeating your content

Are You Over-Gating Your Content?

Gating your content means that for someone to receive your content, they have to give you their email address and other particulars to obtain the content. But, is over-gating your content a good tactic? If you gate everything and someone registers, do you immediately conclude that individual is a hot lead? Perhaps they are. Perhaps […]

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Sustainable Branding Done Here

I read this amazing article about Sustainable Brands today. Whether you are a for-profit or nonprofit entity, you must build, nurture and extend your brand. Still answering these 3 questions in 30 seconds matters today more than ever – Who are you? What do you do? Why should I care? Most emphasis should be placed […]

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Should You Apologize for Product Miscues?

Today, I read with interest Apple’s public apology about their miscues with their maps program. This was very much out of character for Apple. If you recall, in 2010, the antenna in the iPhone 4 had some issues. That whole situation is now referred to as “antenna-gate”. Steve Jobs didn’t apologize for it. However, how […]

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Online Submission Forms

No More Online Submission Forms

If Joan Crawford was alive today, her “no more wire hangers!” might be transformed to “no more online submission forms!” Online submission forms serve their purpose…sometimes. The goal typically is to generate leads. However, a company should strongly consider the implications of having that form. Is it overkill? Is it not enough? This is something […]

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How To Create A Corporate Fact Sheet

A corporate fact sheet should be a part of your media kit. A corporate fact sheet is a one-page snapshot of your business. While your logo should go on top of the page, the following sections should also be included in your corporate fact sheet: 1. Overview. Tell us who you are, what you do […]

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How To Be Effective on Kickstarter

How Can You Be Effective On Kickstarter?

Ouya, a gaming console that runs on Android, scored a major win with their Kickstarter campaign. So how can you be effective on Kickstarter and achieve success? 1. To copy Stephen Covey, “begin with the end in mind” or in this case, begin with the audience, or the potential customer, in mind. Who is your audience? […]

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The 3-Second Home Page Test

It takes a website visitor about 3 seconds to determine if you add value. Try this 3-second home page test. Go to any website’s home page. In 3 seconds, can you answer the following questions – do you know who the company is (who), do you know what the company does (what) and does the […]

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Real Artists Ship

I have been thinking about this koan Steve Jobs used when developing the first Mac – “Real Artists Ship”. I couldn’t agree more. As product people, we must produce. That means, plan, develop, launch and manage. Keeping to schedules is key. Like Gordon Gecko’s famous line in Wall Street, “greed is good”, “shipping is good”. […]

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